Skin Treatments

Observ® Skin Diagnosis

30 Mins $65

Enjoy a complimentary Observ® Skin Diagnosis with any skin treatment.

 Observ® professional skin analysis. With 6 advanced modes we can see the many layers of the skin  - blemishes, fine lines, dryness and uneven tone from the deepest layer right through to the surface. We then personalise a treatment plan specifically for your skin.


Total glow Facial

120 Mins $255

For refreshed, revived, glowing skin from the inside out!

A back, neck and shoulder massage followed by a Microdermabraision for the face and neck, a customised peel, healing Omnilux® Revive and masque.

Enzyme boost Facial

70 Mins $150

Combining an Enzyme mask treatment and Omnilux LED we breakdown dead skin cells and detox impurities in the skin to reveal brighter, firmer and glowing skin.

Suitable for all skin types.

Deluxe Facial

60 Mins $160

A customised treatment to deep cleanse and hydrate.

A double cleanse, exfoliation and masque to reveal glowing skin. Includes a luxurious facial massage.

Express Facial

30 Mins $85

A starting facial to discover the benefits of Cosmeceutical ingredients tailored to your skin.

Includes a double cleanse, exfoliation and custom masque.

Teen Skin Package

60min $99

Custom skin treatment and consultation including product recommendations.10% off product purchases on the day of treatment.

Enhance your skin experience
Upgrade any skin treatment to include...

Omnilux™ LED Light Therapy

20 Mins $60


30 Mins $60

Enzyme Therapy

60 Mins $110

Cosmedix Sculpted Peel Off Mask

15 Mins $30

Cosmedix Skin Treatments

COSMEDIX professional products offer metabolic peels and retinoid therapy treatments to address a variety of skin concerns including ageing skin, dry or dehydrated skin, sensitised skin, hyper pigmentation or uneven skin tone, problem skin, oily and congested skin.

Cosmedix® Deep Sea Peel

Marine polishing peel 

30 Mins $255

 Non-acid, chemical-free peel that combining natural sea herbs and essential oils to manually exfoliate and resurface the skin, lifting away stubborn pigmentation, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and softening the look of scarring. One of our most effective treatments, please allow up to 7 days of downtime afterwards.

Cosmedix® Timeless Peel

Age Defying Peel

30 Mins $170

This powerful vitamin A and AHA peel supports significant cell turnover, resulting in smoother, denser, more hydrated skin. A great treatment for addressing fine lines and wrinkles, hyper pigmentation and perfecting the skin.

Cosmedix® Purity Peel

Decongesting & Clarifying

30 Mins $170

A gentle epidermal peel to decongest pores for clearer, healthier-looking skin, perfect for oily and blemish-prone skin.

Cosmedix® Benefit Peel

30 Mins $145

A gentle all purpose treatment with fruit enzymes Vitamins A and C to resurface and protect.

Cosmedix® Essential Peptide Peel

30 Mins $125

This gentle peel combines AHA, vitamin A, peptides and raspberry oil to reveal a smoother, younger-looking skin. Ideal for thin and fragile skins.

Cosmedix® Blueberry Smoothie Peel

30 Mins $105

A luscious refreshing antioxidant peel using AHAs and Jojoba beads to give a gentle exfoliation and reveal glowing skin.

Cosmedix® Pomegranate Peel

30 Mins $105

The perfect pre event peel for all skin types. This gentle peel exfoliates the skin whilst giving the skin a antioxidant boost to give an instant glow.

Aspect Dr Skin Treatments

 Aspect Dr Professional Peels are high performance skincare expertly engineered to address skin concerns.

Aspect Power Peel

30 Mins $300

A unique three step peel system containing Kojic acid, Mandelic acid, Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid, Retinol and Emblica to improve skin texture and dramatically reduce the appearance of pigmentation, scarring and signs of ageing.


Aspect Dr Vita A Peel

30 Mins $145

Lana Blue, Niacinamide and Canadian Willow Herb work together to improve the appearance of photo damage, hyper pigmentation, ageing, oily and congested skin types. 

Aspect Dr Complete Pigment Peel

30 Mins $135

Reveal brighter more vibrant skin with Vitamin C and Salicylic acid.

Aspect Dr Problem Skin Peel

30 Mins $135

Using a combination of Vitamins A & C with fruit enzymes to resurface and correct problematic skin.


Aspect Dr Lactobotanical Peels

30 Mins

An effective alternative to Glycolic Acid peels, Lactobotanical peels hydrate and brighten the skin.

20% Lactic Peel $95

30% Lactic Peel $120

40% Lactic Peel $120

60% Lactic Peel $120


Venus Viva Nano fractional RF is our most advanced treatment for non surgical skin resurfacing. Using Radio Frequency technology to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, acne scarring, pigmentation, enlarged pores and stretch marks.

Full Face

40mins $400

Buy 3 get 1 Free $1200

Full face, Neck & Decolletage

60mins $600

Buy 3 get 1 Free $1800


 Skin tightening using Diamond polar by Venus Viva powered by MP2 technology. This treatment naturally increases collagen and elastin fibers resulting in smoother and firmer skin. Non invasive and pain free with zero downtime.

Full Face

40mins $150

A course of treatments is recommended for full results.

Dermapen 4

Skin needling and collagen induction with the latest Dermapen4 device. For treatment of pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines, scarring and stretch marks. Followed by a hydrating hyalauronic mask.

Dermapen Full Face, Neck and Décolletage

1 Session $350

Buy 3 Get 1 Free $1050

Dermapen Neck and Décolletage 

1 Session $250

Buy 3 Get 1 Free $750


Dermapen Full Face

1 Session $200

Buy 3 Get 1 Free $600


Dermapen Neck 

1 Session $200

Buy 3 Get 1 Free $600 


3 Step treatment- Microdermabrasion, Skin needling with serum infusion and Red LED light. Choose to rejuvenate, lighten or clarify.

Dermafrac Full Face & Neck (0.5mm) 

1 Session $275 

Buy 3 Get 1 Free $825 

Dermafrac Full Face & Neck (0.25mm) 

1 Session $255 

Buy 3 Get 1 Free $765 

Dermapen Full Face (0.5mm) 

1 Session $215 

Buy 3 Get 1 Free $645 

Dermafrac Full Face (0.25mm) 

1 Session $195 

Buy 3 Get 1 Free $585 


Physical removal of dead skin cells whilst removing fluffy white vellus hair to reveal a more glowing complexion.


Epiblading Full Face 

1 Session $125 

Buy 3 Get 1 Free $375 

Epiblading Spot Treatment $65 


Removal of dead skin cells to revive your complexion. 


30min 1 Session $95

Buy 3 get 1 Free $285

60min 1 Session $145

Buy 3 get 1 Free $435



Conditioning Alkaline Wash 

1 Session $130

 By 3 Get 1 Free $390 



Firming Enzyme Therapy 

1 Session $170 

By 3 Get 1 Free $510 


Corrective Enzyme Therapy 

1 Session$160 

By 3 Get 1 Free $480 


Alkaline & Enzyme Therapy 

1 Session $240 

By 3 Get 1 Free $720 


Enzyme Therapy Add-On $110



Light therapy treatment to remove the signs of sun damage, pigmentation and capillaries.


PL Full Face, Neck and Décolletage 

1 Session $640

 By 3 Get 1 Free$1920 


IPL Full Face & Neck 

1 Session $440

 By 3 Get 1 Free $1320 


IPL Neck and Décolletage 

1 Session $400 

By 3 Get 1 Free $1200 


IPL Full Face 

1 Session $295

By 3 Get 1 Free $885 

IPL Neck 

1 Session $180

 By 3 Get 1 Free $540 


IPL Décolletage 

1 Session $250 

By 3 Get 1 Free $750 


IPL Cheeks and Nose 

1 Session $150 

By 3 Get 1 Free $450 


IPL Cheeks 

1 Session $110 

By 3 Get 1 Free $330 


IPL Nose 

1 Session $90

By 3 Get 1 Free $270 


IPL Lip Area

1 Session $55 

By 3 Get 1 Free $165 


IPL Hands 

1 Session150 

By 3 Get 1 Free $450 


IPL Spot 

1 Session $55

By 3 Get 1 Free $165 

Omnilux™ LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy offers a quick and painless treatment with no side-effects or down-time. Three different wavelengths of light are used to stimulate cellular responses within the skin. Effective in increasing wound healing, treatment of acne and improving skin tone and texture.

  • Blue - Targets the destruction of bacteria in acne and breakout prone skin.

  • Red - Rejuvenating and repairing damaged skin whilst improving skin tone and texture.

  • Plus - The ultimate anti-ageing light increasing collagen and elastin production.

Omnilux™ LED Light Therapy

30 mins $100

Buy 3 get 1 Free $300

Omnilux™ Unlimited Light Therapy

30 days $700

A course of Omnilux Treeatments performed at 2-3 day intervals will deliver the very best results!

Omnilux Unlimited Light offers UNLIMITED Omnilux treatments for 30 days!

Omnilux™ Glow Facial

60 mins $155

Includes a customised express facial from one of your favourite brands, combined with Omnilux™ LED Light Therapy.